With stocks at all-time highs, are we going to continue in a Bull market or are we headed for a Bear market? Don’t risk your retirement, call to protect your Family’s Wealth.

Brett Hagen

Thanks Brett, as always, I appreciate the professionalism you display in handling my financial matters.

Don C.

I will never forget how you stood by me when Wells Fargo Bank threatened to cease servicing my account by closing it. You are the best of the best.

Bahieh M.

Thank you so much for your help Brett. You were a calming force for me, and just knowing that you were there was awesome.

Maura W.

Risking Your Retirement Savings to Market Volatility?

  • A world increasingly divided by conflict
  • Rapidly growing national debt
  • Families are hurting

The stock market is volatile, and market downturns can happen at any time. If you’re nearing retirement, it’s important to make sure your money will last throughout your retirement years.

I understand the concerns this can cause for your family, and I’m here to help you navigate these challenges. Take the first step towards protecting your retirement by scheduling a call today.

Planning for retirement

Portfolio Risk

We review your investments to ensure they align with your risk acceptance. Move from “at-risk money” to “never-lose money”.

Reviewing retirement plan


We use the best retirement planning software on the planet. It’s called “The Spending Game”!

Enjoying retirement income

What retirement income can I plan for?

Our sophisticated programs will answer that question.

With nearly 50 years of experience, Brett Hagen has helped families protect millions of dollars of wealth.

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